SQL Quick Compare

Quick Compare FREE

Quick Compare is now available and is free to download.  This program allows quick synchronisation and comparison between Microsoft SQL Server database script objects.  T-SQL objects such as triggers, views, procedures and functions are compared in a quick and intuitive interface.  This allows a simple, effective and fast means to compare and deploy developed database scripts to production databases as well as ensuring existing databases are identical.

SQL Maths

SQL Math Launched

SQL Server has a very limited mathematics capability.  SQL Admin Tools is filling this gap by developing a range of mathematics functions and procedures.  The initial includes

  • mathematical and scientific constants & special functions
  • basic number theory
  • trigonometric and hyperbolic functions including conversion from degrees to radians and back.
  • a large variety of probability distributions that include probability density, cumulative distribution functions and sample generation.
  • a range of alternative uniform random number generators
  • descriptive statistics, including median, and percentile statistics

Future versions will include:

  • further statistics including extensive statistical tests, regression, clustering routines, discriminant analysis, principal component analysis and factor analysis.
  • spatial functions such as ellipse generation.
  • linear algebra with LU, QR, eigenvectors/values, decompositions, etc.
  • linear integral transformations
  • interpolation methods

SQL Math has been targeted at 2005/2008 servers.  Future versions targeted at SQL 2012 will take advantage of parallel computation.