Comparing Databases

Comparing SQL Server scripts is the main purpose of SQL Admin Tools Quick Compare.  Once two database servers are loaded, specific databases can be selected and then compared with the comparison button.

Synchronise SQL Server databases

The comparison button will compare the selected databases.  In the image below the Metrics database (red/left) has been compared to the Metrics_Dev database (green/right).

SQL Server Database Compare

The results are shown in the list to the far right, under the scales symbol.  This list categorises scripts by their object type.

Any scripts that exist in only the red database are shown with a red highlighting while any scripts that only exist in the green database are shown with a green highlighting.  Scripts that are highlighted in yellow exist in both databases but the scripts are different.  Scripts that exist in both databases and are identicale aren't shown in the results list.

Microsoft SQL Server compare databases

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Microsoft SQL Server compare databases