The install package is available FREE from the products area.  After downloading further steps are required to install the package:
  • Import code into AX
  • Set up error email (optional)
  • Add servers

Import Code Into AX

The AX code package will be available after purchase.  It is located in a folder under the specified install location.  For example, based on the default location the package is located here:
C:\Program Files\PRLSoftware\Online Users\AX Imports\UserManagement.xpo  
This "export" file must be imported into Ax, as shown in Figure 1:
Import code
 Figure 1: Import locations

Set up Error Email

The application has a built-in error reporting system, however to protect privacy this feature is not turned on automatically.  Instead users should enter in their own email details.  If the email details are completed and an error does occur, the program will ask if you would like to email the details with a screen capture of the application. Even if email details have been supplied, it is always optional as to whether an error email is sent.  No data is collected without your express permission.
The setup for emails appears on the initial setup menu when the program is first loaded (Figure 2), and is also available at any time by right clicking in the server area of the main program (Figure 3).
Start Menu
Figure 2: Initial setup menu
Setup Email Details
Figure 3: Server Right Click Menu
This loads the email details form, which accepts standard email details, as shown in Figure 4.  To make sure we receive the email correctly the Send To and Subject should remain unchanged.  Anything added into the Body section will be included in error report emails.  Additional information may be sought when the error system is about to email the error.
Email Settings
Figure 4: Email Settings

Adding Servers

Open Config File

The simplest way to add a server is to locate configuration files (.axc).  The configuration files tells the program where your AOS is, and how to connect.  If no user name is in the file, then OnlineUsers assumes you are connecting with network authentication.  If a user name and password are contained in the configuration file, OnlineUsers will use this user name and password.  Multiple files can be selected at once.
This is the easiest means of adding a server, and even if you don't already have a configuration file Ax comes with configuration file utility which offers more options than the manual connection option below.

Manually Connection

The other option is to enter the details manually (Figure 5).  It is important to include the AOS Host Name (server that runs the AOS), Server Mask (the name of the AOS Instance) and language (such as en-us).  These are the minimum requirements.  Login Name and Password may be excluded if the AX user has a network user assigned to it.

Manually Add Server
Figure 5: Manually Add a Server