Settings and Menus

The menu items in Quick Compare are:

  • Advanced - Allows the user to select and configure the application.
  • Help - Directs the use to these help pages on SQL Admin Tools.
  • About - Displays an about box

The Advanced menu is shown below:

SQL Quick Compare Menu

Compare Encrypted is a check box that when turned on automatically attempts to decrypt all "With Encryption" scripts before performing a comparison.  This allows comparing two databases with encrypted scripts, or comparing an encrypted version of a script with a non-encrypted version of the same script.

ExcpetionTracker settings allows you to "opt-out" of reporting of ExceptionTracker features or assign proxy settings to attach to ExceptionTracker service.  Enter your proxy server address if a proxy server is required to access the Internet through your network.

Exception SQL Comparison

ExceptionTracker reports your operating system version and program information and error to an Internet service so that common exceptions can be looked up to either provide a better description of the issue or apply a known solution.  ExceptionTracker allows bugs and problems in existing software to be resolved without requiring updates being installed to your computer.  It also ensures that SQL Admin Tools is aware of problem areas in code for future revisions. 

An ethical approach is take to the privacy policy of SQL Admin Tools and user names, passwords, and client data are not stored on the computer or transferred to ExceptionTracker.

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