SQL Math Functions

Help is available from the menu to the left, which is categorised appropriately.  Occasionally SQL Math library contains functions and constants that already exist in Microsoft SQL Server.  So far testing has shown that the MS SQL Server functions are faster and therefore should be used in preference to SQL Math functions unless accuracy has shown to be higher in SQL Math and is required.

Much of the API library is sourced from the Math.Net.Numerics project.  This is an open source and open licensed project.  Significant resources have been dedicated to wrapping and extending this source into an SQL Server usable library which is why the library is sold here under license.

However, for further help, information and to add many of the features of SQL Math directly into your applications the following links will be useful.

Math.Net.Numerics API documentation:


Math.Net main page:


Math.Net.Numerics main page:


Math.Net.Numerics is also available from GitHub.

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