SQL Maths

SQL Math

SQL Math is a new and growing library of constants, functions, procedures and types designed to extend SQL Server's limited built in mathematics offerings.  The library is targeted towards data scientists, engineers and database administrators.  Data processing performance is increased as data can now be processed on the database server rather than transferring the raw data to secondary applications.

Data analysis frequently requires expensive applications that require significant training.  SQL Math offers many of the same data analysis functions in SQL's transact sql (t-sql) environment while offering a very reasonable price.

SQL Math can also improve application performance by by performing data analysis and data calculations on the database server.

SQL Math 1.0 includes:

  • mathematical and scientific constants & special functions
  • basic number theory
  • trigonometric and hyperbolic functions including conversion from degrees to radians and back.
  • a large variety of probability distributions that include probability density, cumulative distribution functions and sample generation.
  • a range of alternative uniform random number generators
  • descriptive statistics, including median, and percentile statistics

More details can be seen here.

All sales have Lifetime License, so all future versions are available at no extra expense.

Future versions will include:

  • further statistics including extensive statistical tests, regression, clustering routines, discriminant analysis, principal component analysis and factor analysis.
  • spatial functions such as ellipse generation.
  • linear algebra with LU, QR, eigenvectors/values, decompositions, etc.
  • linear integral transformations
  • interpolation methods

SQL Math has been targeted at 2005/2008 servers.  Future versions targeted at SQL 2012 will take advantage of parallel computation.

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