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SQL Admin Tools Quick Compare allows quick and easy comparison and updates for SQL Server Scripts.  The simple interface ensures that scripts can be viewed and compared within seconds of loading the application.  Scripts can be viewed and brought into sync in moments through an intuitive interface.

Other heavier SQL compare programs require lengthy processing time, and the user must step through lengthy reports and analysis and finally constructing a complicated deployment plan to synchronise scripts. 

With Quick Compare you select your databases, press the compare button and you're looking at the results.

More Flexible

Quick compare allows comparison of different scripts.  For instance, you may have a similar view and procedure that you want to compare.  With Quick Compare you locate both objects, compare and all differences and similarities will be highlighted regardless of the fact the objects are different types and different names.  This isn't available with most other Transact-SQL Comparison programs.

View Encrypted Scripts

Quick Compare allows a Database Administrator to gain access to any encrypted script.  Scripts encrypted by using "With Encryption" are accessible in just a few clicks. Encrypted scripts can be compared as easily as non-encrypted scripts.  Scripts created "With Encryption" are not visible to most other SQL Compare programs.

More detailed capabilities can be seen here.

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Microsoft SQL Server compare databases

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