Synchronising Scripts from Results

After a database comparison has been performed a list of differences are shown in a list below the scales symbol.  The colour of the script indicates the reason why the script was detected as different.   Scripts highlighted in red exist in only the red database.  Scripts highlighted in green exist in only the green database.  Scripts highlighted in yellow exist in both databases but contain differences.

Compared SQL Server database Scripts

Selecting a script with red highlighting provides the option to delete the script from the red database or send the script to the green database.  This will create the script in the green database.  There is also options to copy to clipboard, save to file or open the script in the default SQL editor.

Compare Source Database to Destination Database

Selecting a script with green highlighting provides the same options for the green database.

SQL Server compare to destination

Selecting a script with yellow highlighting enables all synchronising features, allowing either the red script to be propagated to the green database or vice versa.

Synchronise Differences between SQL Server scripts

Microsoft SQL Server compare databases

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Microsoft SQL Server compare databases