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Viewing, Saving, and Opening Scripts

SQL Admin Tools Quick Compare allows you to view, save, open scripts, or copy the script to clipboard.

When a comparison has been made any script identified as different can be double-clicked on to be viewed.

Even before a comparison is performed these features can be accessed by right clicking on a script.

Right Click SQL Script Menu

Once a script comparison has been made buttons appear at the top of the comparison and display windows with these same options.  The colour of the icon indicates if the action applies to the red database or the green database.

Copy Script to Clipboard

Copy the current script to clipboard.  The script can then be pasted into any SQL Server query editing tool.

Save Database Script to File

Save the current script to file.  The script can be opened in any SQL Server query editing too.

Open Database Script in Default Editor

Open the script in the default SQL Server query editing tool.  If an SQL tool is already open this option is likely to open the script in the most recently selected database on the most recently selected server and NOT the server and database selected in Quick Compare.
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